There is a piece of Paradise in the Siena Hills; inside a forest; called, “HOLISTIC OASIS” HOTEL LA SELVA”, where you may let yourself stop and re-descover amazing sensations: the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, the sun on your skin, the perfume of the wet grass, the colours of the flowers blossoming.


With all the respect for the nature and taking care for the environment; an antique hamlet of the 700' was recovered as a hotel. Became on an excellent place to take a relaxing holiday; and ideal to make residential groups, being that It has a big Soundproof , climatized and conforting hall, perfect to make meditation, yoga, or all kind of exercize. The structure also has a swimming pool immersed in the beautiful green of Tuscany's


The whole place counts with its seven-hectare own park, on the middle of a forest and in the enchanting setting.... a small lake!


The kitchen is specialized in traditional, vegetarian and vegan food

“HOLISTIC OASIS” HOTEL LA SELVA”, offers you a personalized holiday with quality and simplicity (or offers you a beautiful holiday designed especially for you, that look for quality and simplicity at the same time.)